Starstar's sprite.

Starstar is a tri type Water/Rock/Psychic Fusemon fused between Starmie and Omastar. It evolves from Starnyte and is fully evolved. It is not known to appear in any Pokedex.


Starstar appears to possess the golden colored body of an Omastar with its helix shell colored a blue-violet shade. Starmie's signature red, faceted gem and golden plating appear where its face should be. Starstar and its previous form roamed the bottom of the ocean as scavengers. However, unlike Starnyte, Starstar could not only sense water purity, it could purify water as well, preserving the quality of the ocean. Starstar may be revived from fossils, however they can also evolve from revived Starnyte. Humans release groups of Starstar into polluted parts of the ocean in hopes of removing the pollutant.


Starstar was created using the Alexonsager Pokemon Fusion Creator.