Starnyte's sprite.

Starnyte is a dual type Water/Rock Fusemon fused between Staryu and Omanyte. It evolves into Starstar and is not known to appear in any Pokedex.


Starnyte appears to possess the body of a bright yellow Omanyte with its classic helix shell. Staryu's signature red gem and gold plating can be seen where the Fusemon's face should be. Millions of years ago, Starnyte roamed the bottom of the ocean, scavenging for seaweed and plant matter to consume with their filter-like mouths. Starnyte acted as water purity indicators, their gems turning duller the more uncomfortable living conditions were. If the gem blinked repeatedly, it meant the Fusemon was in danger or living conditions became near unsurvivable. This was to warn itself and others to leave the area. Eventually, Starnyte were revived from fossils along with its fellow fossil Pokemon and Fusemon by scientists.


Starnyte was created using the Alexonsager Pokemon Fusion Creator.