Scytung's sprite.

Scytung is a tri type Bug/Normal/Flying Fusemon fused between Lickitung and Scyther. It does not evolve and is not known to appear in any Pokedex.


Scytung appears to have an entirely pink body of a Scyther, save for the scythe blades, wing membrane, joints, and toes, which are all normally colored their white or light tan pigments. Lickitung's face can be seen, a Scytung's tongue is just as long as a Lickitung's, which is about seven feet long. Scytung live in forests and are somewhat aggressive in the wild. They trap prey by rolling it tight with its tongue, and finishing it off with a slash from one of its scythes. A Scytung's tongue is so heavy that its flight is limited, however it can easily perform Flying type moves such as Aerial Ace perfectly. A Scytung slashing its own tongue by accident is a common accident in combat.


Scytung was created using the Alexonsager Pokemon Fusion Creator.