Parastle's sprite.

Parastle is a tri type Bug/Rock/Grass Fusemon fused between Crustle and Parasect. It evolves from Dwaras and is fully evolved. It is not known to appear in any Pokedex.


Parastle's orange, crustacean-like body possesses three legs similar to those of Crustle and two claws similar to those of Parasect. Similar to Parasect, Parastle's eyes are a dead, pale white color. An enormous, cube-shaped mushroom with the consistancy of stone is rooted onto the Fusemon's back. This fungus has possessed its host, making the Parastle nothing but a vessel. Similar to Crustle, the mushroom acts as a shelter for its host, protecting it so that the parasite may survive.


Parastle was originally a custom sprite submission for, designed by the user Mijumaru.