Duoblim's sprite.

Duoblim is a dual type Psychic/Ghost Fusemon fused between Duosion and Drifblim. It evolves from Driflosis and is fully evolved. It is not known to appear in any Pokedex.


Duoblim's dark lavender body is covered with the green, protective membrane retained from Duosion. It retains Duosion's body, receiving Drifblim's color scheme, with a dark lavender body, red eyes, and  yellow mouth. The four, arm-like appendages possessed by Drifblim are located outside the membrane, under the body, where the red, bottom flair is found as well. The white cloud found above Drifblim's head also is located outside the membrane, above the body. Duoblim are nocturnal, emerging at night, similar to most Ghost type Pokemon. Similar to Drifloon, it sneaks into open windows and attempts to kidnap children. It has much difficulty doing so and will end up getting dragged around. Duoblim's membrane is actually hollow, unlike Duosion, being filled with compressed air while the Fusemon itself uses its Psychic capabilities to stay suspended in the cover's center. While tough, the membrane can be punctured. When this happens, it will begin to deflate, erratically moving until it naturally reseals itself.


Duoblim was originally a custom sprite submission for, designed by the user Mijumaru.