Dragonchop's sprite.

Dragonchop is a dual type Dragon/Fighting Fusemon fused between Dragonair and Machop. It evolves into Dragonchoke and is not known to appear in any Pokedex.


Dragonchop possesses the body shape of Machop. Its entire body is a blue color, with muscly arms and legs. Two gill-like features are located under its head, while a bright turquoise crest sits atop its head. Dragonair's face can be seen forming two large, black eyes and a single white horn protruding between them. Dragonchop live in craggy areas with lots of water. They are adept swimmers and can perform various martial arts moves. Dragon moves such as Dragon Rush, Dragon Pulse, and Dragon rage may be used, unfortunately the lack of claws disables moves like Dragon Claw.


Dragonchop's sprite was created using the Alexonsager Pokemon Fusion Creator.