Dragonchoke's sprite.

Dragonchoke is a dual Dragon/Fighting Fusemon fused between Dragonite and Machoke. It evolves from Dragonchop and is fully evolved. It is not known to appear in any Pokedex.


Dragonchoke possesses Machoke's body shape, with a completely orange body with bloodred veins exposed on its muscular arms. Its power-saving belt now has a turquoise belt and buckle, and when broken, like Machoke, it will go mad with power. A turquoise crest sits atop its Dragonite-like head, with Dragonite's eyes, nose, mouth, and antennae. Dragonchoke prefer dry, craggy areas, as their aquatic skills have been lost upon evolution. It can utilize powerful dragon type moves such as Outrage and Draco Meteor, however it cannot utilize any claw-related moves, similar to its evolution.


Dragonchoke's sprite was created using the Alexonsager Pokemon Fusion Creator.